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an extension of the Airye Texts

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Was going through some of my old files when I found this piece I had been writing for Jinopets.

Varion stretched his body, spreading in six different directions. He heard his spine crack and he laughed hoping out of bed. He shook waking himself up more, and his fur fell into place without question. He got dressed quickly; pulling on his clothes hurriedly. Then he grabbed his backpack, putting it on, and it settled between his wings.

“Today should be interesting.” He said to himself with a laugh. He looked at the clock and blinked. “I sure hope that they’re still waiting for me.” And then in a flurry he grabbed a cinnamon bagel as he ran out the door, which made a slight clicking sound as it locked itself behind him.

Varion ran through the streets until he came to the marketplace. Standing there, but watching the large clock tower, were his two friends, and they were clearly irritated. Varion noted that Kas’s pack seemed to be almost to the breaking point. Constance’s on the other hand, appeared to have hardly anything in it as it hung limply between his wings. Varion mentally noted that he was glad to have packed his supplies the night before.
“What took you so long?” Constance asked angrily as Varion came to a huffing puffing stop. “You were supposed to be here half an hour ago!”

”I’m sorry! I overslept, so I couldn’t really help it...”

“Next time we might not wait. “ Kas said with a sly grin, shifting her pack. “You’re just lucky that you’re the one that has the map. Otherwise we would have left for sure.”

Varion batted Kas with his paw playfully. “I don’t doubt you in that at all. So shall we get started then?”
Kas tugged at the sleeves of her robe and shrugged. “If Constance is ready then yes, we can go.”
Constance roared with laughter, shifting his weapons around. True his pack might look empty, but his weapons were a load in their own right. “Then let us be off before the day is any further gone.”
With that the three left the village, chattering merrily as they approached the woods. As they entered, their eyes slowly grew accustomed to the dim light that enveloped them. As they walked in the forest they saw many marvelous thing. Every now and then a small band of pixies or brownies, would hail them and entreat them to stay a while and be their company. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending upon how you look at it, our three adventurers did not humor them. Kas told the bands that perhaps when they made their return journey (Rather If they did) they would stay a short while.
The three continues to walk until darkness fell. Constance finally grumbled to Varion and Kas that it was about time to set up camp for the night. The others both tired from walking and carrying their loads wished they had brought wagons with them. But they hadn’t so there was nothing that could be done as far as that went for the time being. Each of them set up their tent as quickly as they could, and unrolled their sleeping bags. Constance’s sleeping bag was a specialty warrior-canus model, with a battery driven back massager built in. Kas’ sleeping bag was fluffy and she could curl up in it with her tail wrapped around her middle in usual kuri fashion. Varion’s sleeping bag on the other hand was just a plain brown one. He personally thought that reaching their final destination would not take that long.
After sitting around their campfire for an hour or so eating roasted marshmallows they all decided the time had come for them to go to sleep. As they all settled into their tents, hoping for a good nights sleep, none of them heard the rustling that was coming from the underbrush.

            -To be continued…-
* * *
Before anyone reached out to me, i could feel myself slipping.

the world around me was dimming and there was nothing that interested me.

rather than make an attempt to exist, I debated dissolving into the nothingness.

unfortunately for me, there was no nothingness to hide in.

* * *

My home itself is nothing spectacular from the outside, and as we drove up on it on that rainy night it was hidden in the darkness. I hit my garage door opener and backed into the driveway, and the pale yellow outdoor light popped on and struggles to reveal what few facts of my home it could. BUt I doubt she noticed, because as i put the car in park and opened my door and stepped out, moving towards the wall to flip the lights on in the small area, she barely moved.

I will say that I am very proud of my small home and the way that it keeps me. It blends into the countryside fairly well, an old farmstyle house that's surrounded by trees that grew when the house was no longer a farm. Further down were my few neighbors, it was a lovely place for a Death Minionette to live. With an old barn in the back, a small garage attached to the house that used to be a woodshed long ago, and approxemetly 8 rooms looming above the basement. i'd refinished all of them when i moved in.

As the flouresent lights began to buzz and flicker to life, the stainless steel that filled the garage gleemed cheerfully. It was one thing to have to work in a garage at all. But I made sure i got to work their in a clean and medical type area. I noted that she looked slightly shocked as she stepped out of the car and took in my meticulously clean workshop.

"Yeah... I like to build things... I'm sure you've seen some of my work in town." I smiled lightly and leaned on the wall slumping my shoulders slightly. "But of late i haven't really had a muse." I wasn't lying. I'd been too busy trying to complete assignements to be able to start any new woodcrafting projects.

"Oh. I bet the metal makes it easier to clean up the shavings and keep it up." she responded curiosity in her tone as she moved towards the table where one of my barely started projects lay, scolding me for neglecting my creative  works. She absentmindedly ran her fingers over the cut in the wood and seemed to wodner what it was going to become.

"Yes... one might say that." i gave myself a shove and left my post at the wall and grinned at her. "Do you want to watch me work for a bit?"

"Could i?" she looked up from the table saw, her eyes sparkling a bit excited at the idea of watching me work on something artful, and she bashfully removed her hands from the wood.

"Certainly." I moved over and took my seat before the piece of wodd that she'd been looking at. i unzipped my coat and shook it off revealing my black turtleneck that seemed to meld into my comfortable black lounge pants. I pride myself in always being prepared for anyhting. And this look nt only hid blood, but always looked professional. Let's just say i own a LOT of black turtlenecks and pants.

"Won't the sawdust cling to your clothes?" she asked blinking a bit as she looked me over.

"Doesn't matter. it brushes off easy enough." i picked my workshop glasses up off the table and put them on as i flipped the switch for the saw turning it on. I moved the wood slowly through the saw following the barelyt visble line i'd sketched... oh... how long had it been now... 4 days? before she'd entered the garage. The saw swept easily through the wood, and knowing my very own prey was watching me work, sent me to work with a frenzy, and a while later i turned the saw off and stood the small wooden piece up on the table.

"Wow... a unicorn!: she looked amazed and reached to pick it up.

"It's not finished yet..." I started to comment, and as she wrapped her fingers around it she let out a surprised yelp and dropped it back onto the table.

"oh...i'm sorry..." she stood it back up getting small blood speckles on the pale wood, and i shook my head.

"It's ok.. just don't get anymore blod on it." I gently took her hand and looked it over and found where the splinters had snuck their way into her fingers. "Want me to take these out?"

"if you don't mind..." she looked a bit ashamed for having injured herself on the wood, but i'd known she would try to pick it up, that's why i had paused in my work on it. The few pieces that i keep for my own collection.. all have special meaning. And this piece, was undoubtably fated to remain unsold and becoming part of my own inside collection.

"Certainly not. Come on inside." I picked my jacket up and paused at the car to snag my purse and get my house keys. THen i moved to the door and unlocked it and opened it and motioned her to go ahead on inside before me into the unlit house. "After you." I laughed softly when she hesitated but she didn't pause any further and stepped into the door and i followed behind her, relocking the door and sliding the bolt into place before hitting a few switched that sent the lights of the house to life, flickering softly and revealing the magical world that I lived in to her eyes.

"Oh....wow...." she stammered and blinked about taking it all in.... "You're Duela..."

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There's always a minute in which i wonder whether or not what i do is wrong. But tonight it doesn't really matter that much. But i could feel the nagging little voice starting in on me as i dipped my hands under the faucet to meet the warm rushing rivulet that was being pumped through the pipes. I rubbed my hands together enjoying the sight, as the soap bubbled and helped rid my skin of the damning red stain of her blood.

It's never easy when i set to, taking a life. But everytime... I hear that small voice escaping them as they plead for mercy that they have rarely shown themselves it thrills me to the very center of my black soul.

But even that at times... rarely, but at times has been enough to stop me.

But tonight i couldn't help myself.

She had been standing in the rain as i drove along in the rain. It wasn't evena  light rain... it was heavy icy rain that hit my windshield with a thud, mocking me with the idea that it could turn into sleet or hail at any moment. I barely even noticed her on the corner as the light changed to red and i was forced to stop. That was when my death instincts hit me.

Looking through the water splattered glass i saw her standing in the rain, positively soaked through. her hair was plastered to her head, and her clothing hung from her like loose sails on a sunken ship in the ocean, flapping in the icy rain as the wind drove it against her body and my car.

I didn't recognize her right away... but as my "training" kicked in i realized that she was listed to be...dealt with. So i rolled the window down a bit and peered out, turning on the overhead light so she could see inside.

"Hey... you want a ride?" I inquired softly through the barely cracked window as i reached over to unlock the passenger side door.

"Well... i'm waiting for the bus...." She sounded uncertain as she shifted in the rain and wrapped her arms around herself in a fuitile attempt to get warm. she most likely didn't see me as a threat.

"Yeah...well the next one isn't for another hour." I stated it flately, because i knew the bus route around here well. Call it one of the curses of my job. I have to know how to find people.

"You don't mind? I'm awfully wet..." She looked inside my car and looked a bit uncertain.

"Aww they're just pleather seats." i laughed realizing she was worried about the seats inside my car.

"Oh.. ok." She smiled brightly at my laughter and reached over and opened the passenger side door and slid in, dropping her purse with a plopping sound, almost like adding a waterballooon to a pail of it's fellows, at her feet.

"Buckle your seat belt... Where ya headed..." I gave a command and a question as i pulled away from the curb as teh light changed for the second time. In a way i suppose i was lucky that there wasn't anyone else out in that awful weather.

"the bus station..." her words, few as they were were heavy and acted as a weighted question. She was hoping for some direction, someone to tell her what to do now.

"you don't sound certain." I knew why... she was running. She was running and didn't want to be caught.

"I don't have anywhere else to go..." She said it with a little waver, and i wondered if she even suspected that i already knew everythig she had ever done... both good and bad.

"You can come home with me then." I shrugged and smiled at her as i flipped the overhead light back off.

"Thank you." she sounded small and a little defeated as she said it, like she was relieved to have someplace to go besides the bus hub. I couldn't blame her. I reached down and turned the radio on to some old music and we rode in silence until we reached my home.
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my heart is yearning for the sea
the place where once i roamed
among the green and fearny fronds
beside my hidden home

but foolishly i desired to roam the world above
believing 'tween the forest and sands
perhaps i'd fall in love

but people are not quite the same
they're burnt and hardened by the sun
not like those gentle souls that live
in mere moonlight strands of gold

but too late it is i've realized
that there is no return
for dreaming and wishing is all that's left
for a lost oceans soul

(C) K.M.B. 8-30-2009
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It's Memorial Day in the States, a time to remember those who have died while in military service. Who would you like to remember today?
all of them.

they're all part of each of us. and we oughta be proud of them.

we migt not agree with what where or why, but they're doing their job....

so remember them and be thankful for that.
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Do you believe in monogamy?
uhm... isn't that a game...somewhat along the lines of monopoly?

ya win some you lose some... so what does it matter what i believe in?

people change like the tide, so let them believe what they will.

don't force your beliefs on me and i won't force mine on you.
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Ultimately there’s something exhilarating, in knowing that you’re one of the creatures that bring fear into the hearts of almost every living thing. But fear is contagious, and eventually the thing you fear most is yourself, because there is no one to say that it’s ok. There are no boundaries between reality and what they imagine that you can do and become.


That’s one of the problems that the world has with dragons honestly. There is this whole order to things, and they say that magic is merely another name for illusion and that everything can be solved by science. But then what is science? Is science simply the breakdown of magic into terms that help the unbelieving to see the truth?


I can’t really say. I haven’t had the time or the luxury to delve deeply into the realm of science itself. Instead I spend my time pondering and trying to figure out ways to correct the wrongs and to help people to believe in the unbelievable, to simply have faith that what they can not see or feel or touch might really exist. There Is so much more to the world than what they decide is here.


I should know. Here I am wishing that I didn’t have to hide my reality when I walk amongst them. Wishing that there was a way to exist within their world and yet be what I really am inside. But people fear too quickly what they don’t understand. And fear of being considered a monster is more than enough to make one as myself and most of my kindred stay out of sight and out of mind.

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